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Every great book is a portal to adventure, to knowledge, or to new perspectives. Beyond the required reading list in school, what books do students love to read? We asked several Nantong Stalford students from around the globe to share their books they have read during Covid-19 outbreak. Below, check out three great books recommended […]

During the school year, most of the books that students read are assigned to them by their teachers or recommended by their parents. We wanted to know which books the Nantong Stalford students love to read and to dig into on their own? We asked several students to share the books that they’ve recently read […]

Despite of the outbreak of Covid-19, learning continues to be our priority at NTSIS. Not going to school physically does not prevent our students from learning regardless of where they may be. Our passionate teachers adopted a variety of online collaborative platforms to engage learning and connect with each child. Online learning is definitely a […]

Spring arrives as per normal. “Learn from Lei Feng Day,” on March 5th however becomes a day of love and compassion in the year of 2020.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, many front-line workers have been fighting steadfastly at their posts. On such a special day of March 5th, Chen Yufan, student of Y10 class of Nantong […]


Haiku, a form of short poetry, is a literary device which is used for language training as well as creative expression. During their online lessons, the Year 2 students from Nantong Stalford International School honed their English skills and shared their unique observations of the world around them with a series of Haikus accompanied by […]

“THE FIRST AND ONLY AUTHORISED IB WORLD SCHOOL IN NANTONG to bring international education to students from kindergarten to the 6th grade” Nantong Stalford International School(NTSIS) has contributed to the city’s claim to international stature by putting Nantong on the world stage in the field of education. On 2nd January 2020, NTSIS received an official letter […]

In the afternoon of December 18, the brightly-lit Grand Theatre of Nantong Stalford International school was filled with a strong Christmas atmosphere and well decorated with Christmas trees, snowflakes, sleighs, balloons, ribbons, etc. All teachers and students, together with hundreds of parents, gathered here for a gala event to celebrate the upcoming Christmas as well as […]

As global education leader, Nantong Stalford International School was invited by the prestigious Global Education Summit 2019 to work toward solutions for issues faced by today’s education industry, and to advance today’s education for the future, connecting China and the world. We participated the summit together with Industry leaders such as Harvard University, Stanford University and […]


Chilly as it was on Friday, November 29, the school campus of Stalford was nice and warm. Nearly 200 parents entered the campus full of enthusiasm and expectations, taking part in the Campus Open Day activities which are held once every semester, experiencing for themselves the development of the school, the situation of classroom teaching […]


NTSIS PYP Primary Newsletter (25th November – 29th November 2019) Transdisciplinary Theme: How we express ourselves We are thankful for the support from parents and the school community. We are thankful for the teachers who are relentless in making thinking and learning happen in NTSIS. We express our gratitude to Ms Yvonne and all the teachers for […]

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