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Nantong Stalford International School is an inclusive school that welcomes all age-appropriate students, regardless of nationality, race, religion or gender, to apply for our education programs.

NTSIS will admit students who, based on our assessment via interviews and placement test when appropriate, stand to benefit from the programs offered by the school.

Interviews are also conducted to help the school have a better understanding of the student’s needs.

The school’s International Primary Years Programme will admit all students who are age-appropriate.

Grade placement

Students shall be placed in grade levels by age. The school programs allow for candidates from the age of 2 to 18. The Head of School shall approve any exceptions.

Local candidates

Local candidates of the appropriate age are required by law to follow the national curriculum from Primary Year 1 to Secondary Year 3 (Year 9). Local candidates who have obtained official exemption may apply to our international programs.

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