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International Teachers

Cecelia Peyer

International G3/G4 Homeroom
With more than 20 years of teaching experience, Ms Cecelia Peyer brings along her wealth of experience to NTSIS. Armed with a diploma in Education (Primary) from Zonnebloem Teachers College SA, a Bachelor of Education (Hons) and a ACE/SEN Diploma in Special Educational Needs/ Learning Support from University of the Western Cape, she also has a Masters in Counselling Psychology. Ms Peyer has taught in South Africa, Middle East and Beijing, China. She had represented her school in attending international conferences as well. Before joining NTSIS, she has been a head of department, learning support supervisor, SEN Coordinator, PYP Team Leader/Mentor and Reading Specialist. Ms Peyer believes that all children can learn and that teachers have to adjust the learning and teaching in each situation in order for the students to get the maximum benefits out of each lesson.

David Buist

International G2 Homeroom
Other than a Master of Arts, International Relations (East Asia) from the University of Durham, Mr David Buist also has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Goldsmiths College, University of London. With more than 8 years of teaching experience in private schools in China, Mr Buist brings along rich teaching experiences and understanding of the current environment. A dedicated and passionate teacher who is eager for his students to improve, Mr Buist believes that hard work, dedication and discipline are the key attributes to success for each student to become the best version of themselves.

Janet Batoon

K1 Homeroom Teacher
With 12 years of teaching experience, Ms Janet Batoon has a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology from Davao del Norte State College, Philippines. She has vast experience teaching in private and public schools in China, including Cambridge Foreign Language School in and No. 3 Experimental Public Primary School in Liaoning Province. A multi-talented and passionate teacher, Ms Janet believes that a teacher affects eternity as she can never tell where her influence stops.

Kong Gaik Suan

Ms Kong Gaik Suan obtained her Master in Educational Management from University of Western Australia (UWA). She was also awarded a Post Graduate Scholarship of Applied Linguistics from Ministry of Education Singapore. With more than 20 years experience in teaching in Singapore and Cambodia, Ms Kong has rich classroom experiences with students from kindergarten to primary schools. Other than serving as a Head of Department as well as other leadership roles outside the classroom, Ms. Kong has also published books such as “: An Evaluation of Primary Three Listening Comprehension Tests”. For her service, Ms Kong was also awarded 2012 National Day Award for Service in Education by Singapore’s government. Ms Kong firmly believe in the phrase “Give someone a fish, he’s fed for a day, teach that same person to fish, he's fed a lifetime.”

Md Noor Adri Bin Md Ali

Maths, Science
Graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry(Hons) with a minor in Environmental Studies, Mr Adri is an enthusiastic teacher with lots of new ideas. With a few years of teaching experience in Chemistry and Mathematics, Mr Adri is always caring and patient. Mr Adri believe that students grow best in a supportive environment and works hard to support students in their learning.

Melvin Batoon

PYP N Homeroom
Graduated with a Master of Education in Instructional Management and a Bachelor of Elementary Education in Communication Arts from University of Southeastern Philippines Davao City, Mr Melvin Batoon is an experienced teacher with 10 years of experience under his belt. Having taught in schools such as Canadian International School of Beijing and Beijing New Talent Academy, Mr Batoon also brings along rich teaching experience. An avid sport enthusiast, especially in badminton, Mr Batoon is also currently pursuing a Doctor of Education in Educational Management. Mr Batoon believes in maximising students’ performance, inspiring students to explore their intelligences and instilling values among all students.

Warren Spence

English,International G9/10 Homeroom
Graduated with an Honours Degree and a higher Diploma in Education from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, Mr Warren Spence also has a diploma in Educational Management Development from the Independent Institute of Education (IIE) Johannsburg, South Africa. With more than 26 years of teaching experience in public and private schools in South Africa, such as Crawford College Lonehill, Mr Warren brings along rich classroom teaching experiences as well as strong pedagogical knowledge. He was a winner of Transvaal Teacher’s Association (TTA) medal for excellent teaching. Mr Warren Spence has also served as a Deputy Principal as well as Head of Department. A compassionate but firm teacher, Mr Warren believed that learning must be fun, engaging and without fear. We need to be humble in and of learning

Serena Loke

PYP Coordinator
Serena graduated from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore with a BA (Hons) degree in Education in 2007. Prior to that, she obtained a BA degree in Fine Arts from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. She holds other certificates in Special needs education as well as a diploma in TESOL. Just as the education landscape keeps evolving, Serena continues to upgrade herself to ensure that her students receive the best. To her, teaching is not a job but a passion.

Kwek Chia Hui

English Coordinator (Secondary and High School)
Awarded with a Teaching Award from the Ministry of Education of Singapore, Ms Kwek Chia Hui graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Arts (with Merit) degree as well as a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from National Institute of Education (NIE). Ms Kwek, as her students call her, has always wanted to be a teacher and has worked hard to reach this goal. A believer of lifelong learning, Chia Hui has upgraded her pedagogy by attaining her Masters in Education from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Before joining Nantong Stalford International School, Chia Hui has been teaching English Language, English Literature and Humanities for the past 15 years in government and independent schools, including Raffles Institution, in Singapore. Other than rich classroom experience in teaching students with diverse abilities, especially students between the age of 12 to 17, Chia Hui had also been a subject head, head of internal examination, cooperating teacher as well as teacher leader in various professional development groups over the years. Chia Hui firmly believes that every child has the potential to succeed and as a teacher, she will always do her best to help them fulfil their dreams and reach their goals.

Pejay Pauly

English Coordinator (Primary)
Pejay Pauly is an experienced primary and secondary English language teacher. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Education from Southern Luzon State University, Philippines and Master’s degree in Education- Curriculum and Instruction with ESL Specialization from American College of Education, USA. Additionally, he is trained and certified Cambridge TKT-YLE and Speaking examiner for YLE starter, movers, and flyers group of students. He has an extensive experience with Cambridge primary years curriculum and taught different schools in the Philippines and international school in Kazakhstan. He is a teacher who understands student’s strengths and challenges and able to tailor learning strategies that are intended to address the additional learning needs, interests, aspirations, and cultural backgrounds of each learner. Currently, he is taking 60 hours professional development called “Specific Educational Support Needs: Cognitive Disability” in a distance mode from Euroinnova Business School, Spain.


DOFE Award Leader, Inquiry Science
Arfa’sha graduated from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, and obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Education) (Sec) with Hons III. She then served the Ministry of Education (MOE), for 12 years – teaching English Language at a secondary level before moving to China in 2018. Diligent and responsible, Arfa’sha demonstrated an innate capacity to accomplish multiple tasks efficiently and executes them with quality and success in mind. She has ensured that her students succeed through all the diligent work and was able to do so through a thorough analysis, understanding and planning that addresses the learners’ needs, psyche and competencies. It is this methodical approach that has enabled Arfa’sha to contribute to any organisation as she is capable of studying the psychosocial environment to yield the best results possible.

Caryle Filog-Vamvakaris

PYP Grade 1 Homeroom
Caryle earned her bachelor's degree from the University of the Philippines in 1998, and worked for a TOP 500 corporation before shifting careers and heading to China in 2005.She has worked with students of all levels – from early learners to adult students in Taiyuan and Ningbo. Caryle enjoys interesting conversations over a good cup of coffee!

Ellen Huang

PYP K2 Homeroom
Ellen Huang graduated from Flinders University, Australia, with a Master of Teaching. She is also a Singapore ECDA registered teacher and has 12 years of preschool teaching experience. She was a Curriculum Specialist with The Odyssey (Singapore). Prior to her masters, she was working with Smart Kids Educare, Singapore, while studying for a Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Education with Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore. Subsequently, she took up a Professional Diploma in Montessori Education (3-6) to improve her knowledge, abilities and capacity as a preschool teacher. She enjoys working with children and strongly believes in a holistic teaching approach, making sure all children have the opportunity to excel in all areas of the curriculum and can achieve their full potential confidently and happily.  

Johnny Cheng

Inquiry Science
Johnny Cheng is a certified teacher from the United States. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Texas at Austin. He has over six years of teaching experience in both the elementary and middle school levels. His goal as an educator is to cultivate a positive learning environment, through encouragement and discipline, while consistently emphasizing classroom management. He possesses a deep sense of passion and dedication to the development and enrichment of his students.

Minah Kwon

Cambridge Exam Officer, DofE Award Leader
Miss Minah pursued her degree in the field of Science and Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before her arrival at Nantong Stalford International School, she worked at international school and university in Asia.Miss Minah believes in preparing students to be active community members who will succeed in an increasingly globalized society, thus strengthening their own cultural ties and understanding of their own identity.

Wen Yann Tan

PYP G5/6 Homeroom
Mr. Tan is an experienced and trained teacher with National Institute of Education, Singapore. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and History from the University of Queensland, Australia. He has taught for many years in Singapore both primary and secondary schools as well as in Shanghai Singapore International School, China.

Local Teachers

Cai Zhu Yun

Yuki graduated from Nanyang Technological University with Honors Degree in Materials Science, which ranked third place in QS World University Ranking by subject 2020. She has vast teaching experiences in schools and institutions in Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China. Together with her diverse growing-up experiences and educational background, she is familiar with the international teaching system. She understands and appreciates the thinking of individual students. With a passion for education and an unwavering commitment, she will work with school and parents to help to develop students’potential.

Cao Yang Yang

Cao Yangyang, graduated from Nanjing Forestry University, won scholarships and the title of Outstanding Student Cadre many times during the school, and obtained the mathematics teacher qualification certificate. Engaged in education for 5 years, served as elementary and junior high school mathematics teacher successively, laying down solid basic teaching skills. In teaching, he is good at combining advanced education concepts with classroom teaching practice, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, inspiring teaching, and caring for every student with love, perseverance and care.

Chen Qi

Chen Qi, a bachelor's degree graduate, won the third prize in the English Listening Contest, the third prize in the English Film Dubbing Contest, and the Outstanding Performance Award of the English Drama Club. Hold CET4, CET6, TEM4, Professional English Oral Test Level 4, Jiangsu Advanced Oral English, Junior Middle School English Teacher Qualification Certificate, etc. She is serious and responsible for students, caring, patient, and persevering. While teaching English well, she becomes friends with students and makes students fall in love with English learning in a happy situation.

Chen Ying

English,PYP Assistant
Chen Ying, an outstanding graduate of Hainan Normal University, majoring in English, won a national scholarship, second prize in the National English Writing Contest, etc. during the school period, and holds a level 8 English major and a senior English teacher qualification certificate. Served as a bilingual teacher in an international school for many years, has the title of secondary and elementary school teacher, won the second prize of the municipal English teaching basic skills competition, IB C1, IB C2 and other honors, and instructed students to participate in the Jiangsu Hope Star English Style Competition and won the special prize And first prize. She loves teaching, is a practitioner of the international IB education philosophy, and is good at using inquiry and heuristic teaching.

Ding Yu Yi

Ding Yuyi is a probationary member of the Communist Party of China. During the university, he served as the monitor and life committee member. He was kind and careful, and won the title of "Excellent Cadre" many times. With outstanding professional ability, he has repeatedly won first-, second-, and third-level scholarships at school level, and holds the national badminton second-level referee certificate, physical education teacher qualification certificate and other sports professional qualification certificates. Won the first prize in the "Ruisheng Cup" National Cheerleading Competition. He used to teach physical education at Zhuxing Primary School and Rugao Normal School Affiliated Primary School, which is deeply loved by students.

Gan Meng

Maths,Maths, Bilingual Year 2 Homeroom
Gan Meng worked hard in college and won honors such as the National Inspirational Scholarship and Outstanding Student Cadre. She was trained in various competitions and won the third prize for the National Mathematics Micro Lesson Competition, third prize for the 100 College Speech Contest and second prize for School Mathematics and Knowledge Competition and other honors. She also holds the national Olympic Mathematics coach certificate, Math teacher qualification certificate and other certificates. In the education work, she upholds the concept of "love and respect as the starting point of education" and touch students with her love and gain their love.

Gao Jun Yue

Maths,Maths, Bilingual Year 1 Homeroom
高浚月,毕业于江苏第二师范学院小学数学教育专业,大学期间多次获得学校奖学金。毕业后在太仓市洪泾小学工作五年,任教小学数学兼任班主任,工作期间多次荣获“优秀班主任”及“优秀青年教师”称号,并获“青年教师评优课二等奖”, 现为二级教师资格职称。她热爱学生,钻研进取,力求为孩子们夯实数学基础,拓展思维能力,让每一位孩子学有所得,学有所成。

Gu Qian Xia

Science,Bilingual Year 7 Homeroom
Gu Qianxia, ​​graduated from East China Normal University, has a solid foundation in subject knowledge and education and teaching theory. In the teaching class, she pays attention to cultivating students' thinking quality and learning ability, observes carefully, is good at research and guidance, and constantly implements the teaching concept of group cooperation, which fully stimulates students' interest, allows students to actively participate in the classroom and actively think and explore. She believes in the belief that there is no education without love, and uses love to create a safe and caring class environment for children and lead them to move forward together.

Huang Jia Wei

Maths, Bilingual Year 4 Homeroom
Huang Jiawei, graduated from a university, majoring in mathematics education and concurrently majoring in human resource management. During the university, he served as the chairman of the student union and class leader, and won many national inspirational scholarships. He has been teaching in Yangzhou Shiming Bilingual School for 4 years and won the third prize of the "Blue Sky Cup" teaching design competition twice, and the second prize of Yangzhou Teaching Paper Competition and the first prize of Yangzhou Education Teaching Lecture Competition. He is good at using humorous, relaxed, and innovative classrooms to stimulate children's enthusiasm for independent exploration and cooperative research, so that children can learn happily, easily and solidly. He firmly believes that every child is a seed, but the flowering period is different, and needs more care and care from educators.

Jiang Qi Yu

Jiang Qiyu graduated from Wuchang Shouyi College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, majoring in environmental design. During the school period, he won the first prize in the innovation skills competition, the first prize in the image design competition, and the third prize in the graduation project. Have a strong professional ability in fine arts, and have researches on design and photography. During the internship teaching at an international school, he accumulated practical experience in art teaching. In her education practice, she advocates the concept of "teaching is the root of goodness, and the teacher is the root of teaching", bringing more love, care and trust to students.

Wei Huan He

Chinese, Bilingual Year 3 Homeroom
Wei Huanhe graduated from Nanjing Normal University, majoring in Chinese language and literature, and is a first-class teacher in middle school. He once taught at Longdi Elementary School in Xinfeng Town, Yancheng City. He has been engaged in Chinese teaching for 20 years and has formed his own teaching style. He is particularly good at using situational teaching and has a wealth of experience as a class teacher. He has successively won the first prize of the junior high school Chinese teaching competition in Dafeng District, Yancheng City, the "Pacemaker of Teacher Ethics" in Xinfeng Town, Dafeng District, Yancheng City, and the "Advanced Educator" in Xinfeng Town, Dafeng District, Yancheng City.

Xie Tong Tong

Xie Tongtong, majoring in physical education. During the university, he won the national inspirational scholarship, school-level second-class scholarship, and won the third place in the basic skills competition. She continues to practice her skills and study her profession, and holds a number of professional qualification certificates including the National Level 2 Table Tennis Referee Certificate, Social Instructor Certificate, and Physical Education Teacher Certificate. He used to teach physical education in the primary school attached to Nantong Normal University, hoping to use what he has learned to help every student grow.

Xing Jia Nan

Chinese、Bilingual Year 9 Homeroom
Xing Jianan graduated from Yancheng Institute of Technology in 2015, majoring in Liberal arts and English as a second major. During the college period, she obtained twice the national scholarships and was commended many times as an outstanding student cadre and a model of “Three Good Students”. She is not only good in recitation and writing, but also deeply fond of calligraphy and musical instruments. After graduation, she worked in Changzhou Affiliated School of Beijing Normal University, won the second prize of "Junma Cup" Young Teachers Competition and the first prize of Municipal Recitation Competition.  She also guided many students to participate in CCTV English Talent Competition and won prizes. Since 2018, she has been working as a teacher of English and Chinese at Nantong Stalford International School where she respects students' personalities and advocates caring for students with love and patience.

Yang Ya Chun

She graduated from Jiangsu Second Normal University in 2015,majoring in English. She received her bachelor's degree in English education from Nanjing XiaoZhuang University in 2017. Seven years of normal education has strengthened her basic skills in teaching and her sense of responsibility as a teacher. From 2017 to 2019, studied at the University of Florida, USA, and obtained a master's degree in education (curriculum and instruction). From the undergraduate to the master stage, she kept exploring the teaching field. During the internship , she taught English, Chinese, Science and other subjects in schools,contributed to the publication of two education research papers, participated in the compilation of teaching materials in cooperation, and successively carried out teaching and research work in six schools at home and abroad, and was awarded the title of outstanding intern. She not only has a rich international teaching background, but also has an insight into the concept of multicultural education. She looks forward to serving the students wholeheartedly and guiding them to contribute their strength and wisdom in the international community.

Yang Yang

Chinese, Bilingual Year 2 Homeroom
Yang Yang, a member of the Communist Party of China, graduated from Nantong University School of Education, majoring in elementary language education. Won the National Encouragement Scholarship and the title of Outstanding Student Cadre during the school period, and won the second prize in the national normal children's literature creation. Visited Asia University in Taiwan to experience the international education atmosphere and exchange ideas on international education. After graduation, he worked in the Wuhu Foreign Language School of East China Normal University and was awarded the title of "New Teacher Representative". In work practice, we practice the educational concept of "love and respect", care for every student, and are deeply loved by students.

Zhao Can

Maths (Middle High School)
Zhao Can graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor in Industrial & Systems Engineering with Honours. He is a recipient of the prestigious SM1 scholarship awarded by the Singapore government. Subsequently, out of his interests in Economics, he pursued further education with Singapore Management University and graduated with a Master's Degree in Econometrics. He has a strong passion for teaching and loves interacting with students. With NTSIS, he looks forward to cultivating the next generation of world talents and international citizens.

Wang Ke Qin

Physics, Bilingual Year 11 Homeroom
Wang Ke Qin graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor of Science (Material Science and Engineering). Having been awarded an SM3 scholarship, he completed 8 years of education in Singapore from secondary school to University under government scholarship. He is familiar with the Cambridge Education System. He respects every students and is able to build good relationships with them. He is responsible, capable in teaching and well-liked by students.

Long Min

Chemistry, Bilingual Year 10 Homeroom
Long Min obtained her Master's Degree at University of Jyväskylä, Finland in 2009. She has more than 7 years of experience in international education. She is very responsible, patient, and she respects and gets along well with all students. She is the teacher and organizer of students in class, while a friend to all of them during extracurricular activities. She has a unique approach to teaching Chemistry and managing classes at international schools and is well-loved by students, parents and colleagues.

Qin Wen

Chinese, Admission Counsellor
Qin Wen obtained her Master Degree from the University of Surrey (Top 10 UK Universities). In her three years of oversea study, she became familiar with western education system and lifestyle. After graduation, she worked at Central China Normal University. She published two papers and was honored as outstanding guidance teacher. With her exposure to overseas and local education system, she is uniquely suited to guide students in their pursuit of international education.

Yan Wei Min

Chinese, Humanities,Bilingual Year 12 Homeroom
Yan Wei Min graduated from Jiangsu Institute of Education with a Major in Chinese Language. He has over 40 years of experience teaching Chinese in Secondary schools, and has been rated as "senior secondary school teacher", "district core teacher" and "excellent educator". He is also an avid writer with about 200 essays related to pedagogy and counselling published in distinguished publications.

Chen Jie, Ailsa

Chen Jie graduated from Nanjing Xiao Zhuang University with a major in English. During school, she won first prize for her major competition, and first prize for Nanjing CCTV Outlook English contest (college group). She has also obtained certificates like TEM 8, Advanced BEC, Advanced Verbal Interpretation and English Teaching Certificate. She is a life-long learner and constantly seeks to improve herself. She loves her students and English teacher, and has a track record to guide students in getting first and second prizes in the Provincial English Contest.

Ge Ruo Nan, Luna

Arts Specialist
Luna graduated from Jiangsu Second Normal College in 2014 with a specialization in primary arts education, and joined NTSIS upon graduation. She loves to teach arts and is eager to learn about international teaching methods and philosophy from teachers from other countries. At the same time ,she enrolls in Nanjing Academy of Arts, with a major in art and design. Her experience allows her to appreciate the difference in style and character between Chinese and Western art education. She applies this knowledge to great effect in her diverse and flexible teaching style which fully explores the student’s potential in creative imagination and cultivates a healthy sense of aesthetic.

Jessica Ji

Chinese Specialist
Jessica graduated from Huazhong Agriculture University in Wuhan and has stayed in Nantong for over twenty years. She speaks a little Korean and is currently trying to learn Japanese.She has worked in Nanjing and Suzhou Etonhouse International School as a Mandarin and English teacher for 6 years. Besides being certified as a teacher, she acquired her CACHE certificate, which is from London.

Li Li Xia, Lily

Chinese, Bilingual Year 4 Homeroom
Lily graduated from Dezhou University with a bachelor's degree in Chinese language and literature. During school, she founded the "Chun Lei Literary Society", and served as editor-in-chief of "Wei Ran" magazine where she published many essays. She loves education and has obtained the Teaching certificate for high school Chinese. She has taught Chinese in primary and secondary levels for 6 years before joining Stalford. In her teaching, she guides children with love and enthusiasm, and ignites their passion to become better. She strives towards a teaching style that is "solid, simple and innovative", and seeks to expand students' horizon in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, and nurtures their learning ability.

Li Ming Na

Physical Education
Li Ming Na graduated from Shenyang Institute of Physical Education. She is a member of the Communist Part of China. In school, she has in multiple occasions won national scholarships and honours such as outstanding student cadres. She has also obtained certificate as a second-level national judge for competitive aerobics, certificate for Putonghua Proficiency 2A and high-school physical education teaching certificate. On August 31, 2013, she attended the opening ceremony of the 12th National Games of the People's Republic of China. She proved to be a responsible and proactive teacher with a humble disposition. She is good at cultivating a spirit of perseverance and unity in students, as well as paying attention to the potential and strength of each students.

Lin Yi, Lynne

Maths, Bilingual Year 3 Homeroom
Lynne graduated from Nantong University with a major in mathematics and applied mathematics. After graduation, she taught in a primary school as a math teacher and a homeroom teacher.She won the second prize in the school’s basic skills competition, and led her class in winning awards such as "excellent class" and "refined class". In her work, she follows the philosophy of educating people with love and cultivating people with virtue. She provides guidance in the classroom, and friendship outside the classroom.

Ma Wen Lu, Jenny

Chinese, Bilingual Year 3 Homeroom
Ma Wen Lu graduated from Suzhou University of Science and Technology with a major in Chinese Language and Literature in 2012.She has recieved multiple scholarships during her studies. She has gained rich educational and teaching experience by working in EF institution and MVCA Karamay Senior High School for more than three years. Apart from being a responsible teacher, Ms Ma also has excellent communication skills and works well in a team. With a lively and unique teaching style, she has gained the respect and affections of her students. She believes that love begets love, and that when you are devoted to caring for every child, you will also gain the love of the students and the trust of parents.

Ni Shi Yu, Sherry

Dance Specialist
Sherry graduated from Jilin International Studies University. During school, she served as the president of dance association and received first-class scholarship from the school. She also obtained her CET-6 certificate during the period. After graduation, she worked as a dance teacher in a middle school. She later joined NTSIS to support the International dance teacher. In her work, she respects the development of her students, exposes herself to different style of dance from all over the world, adopts international teaching methodologies, explores teaching methods suitable for the developmental stages of the students, so that she may guide students’ growth with heart and art.

Qian Ying Ying

Music Specialist
Qian Ying Ying is a music teacher graduated from Nantong Normal School of Music and Dance with a major in vocal music. During college, she was the head of the class, the head of the Style Department of the Student Union, and the Style Commissioner of the Youth League Committee. She won National Scholarship multiple times and was recognized as "Merit Student of Nantong" and "Excellent Graduates of Nantong". She represented her college to participate in many provincial and municipal talent competitions and achieved excellent results. She believes that simplicity and authenticity are the principles of beauty in all works of art.

Sha Hai Yan, Sandy

Chinese,Bilingual Year 6 Homeroom
Sandy is an outstanding graduate of Yangzhou University and a candidate member of the Chinese Communist Party. During school, she adhered to the principle of “diligent in learning, good at thinking, and quick in action” and devoted herself to research, resulting in three publications in provincial-level journal. She has also received second-grade scholarship from the school multiple times. She served as the Publicity head for the Graduate Union, as well as the Head of Class. In her free time, she taught Chinese in training institutes to improve her teaching capabilities. She has Chinese teaching certificate and third-level psychological consultant certificate. She is enthusiastic about education and is always ready to accompany the growth of students with love, wisdom and kindness.

Yu Fei Fei

Chinese, Bilingual Year 8 Homeroom
Yu Fei Fei graduated with merit from Zhejiang Shuren University. During school, she was the head of Poetry Society and the assistant to homeroom teacher. She is passionate and well-versed in the Chinese Art, including reciting, writing, calligraphy, and Chinese ink painting. She loves reading and has a unique perspective towards literature. She loves education and teaching, and relates to every students with kindness. Applying the value of open-mindedness in her lessons, she builds great rapport with her students.

Wang Ya Min

Wang Yamin obtained her Master's Degree of primary education from Southwest University. She won a scholarship, and the second prize in a Master's skill competition during schooling. She attended the education training program for UBC, a university in Canada, where she studied the topic of mathematics games under her tutor. She is passionate about mathematics and makes students fall in love with mathematics with the use of novel and interesting mathematics games.

Zhang Lin

Chinese, Bilingual Year 5 Homeroom
Zhang Lin obtained her Bachelor Degree of Chinese Language and Characters from Nantong University. She won the second prize in the inaugural language competition. She used to work at Northeast Yucai Experimental School and Nantong Langyi Vocational English Specialist school. Her agility in teaching, balanced by her warmth and care for her students, made her well-loved by students, parents and colleagues.



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