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Learning Highlights

Was there ever a better time to get lost in a good book? As our Nantong Stalford Principal Wu Heping said, “Books are like the plane, train, and road. They are the destination and journey. They are home.” Even though many of us are feeling cooped up at present, books have the power to take […]

It has been about two weeks since our school reopened.  All teachers are back in school and Saturday classes have resumed. The entire school is actively involved in their learning. Children are interacting with each other. Conversations are focused on discussing ideas, plans and strategies. There is movement around the room with tools and equipment […]

To guide our students to read good books so as to broaden their minds, enrich their knowledge, develop empathy and become learned people, our school has launched a week long Fifth Reading Festival since April 20th. The theme of this event is ‘Enlightenment of the Souls’. Focusing on the Reading Festival, our school will hold […]

With the spread of overseas epidemic, young overseas students from many countries have strong desires to return home. In early April, the Chinese embassy in UK arranged and chartered temporary flights for 188 overseas students to return home in which the younger ones were given priority according to its published findings. However, students returning home […]

On April 4th and 5th, 2020, contestants from all over the country who stood out from the qualifying competitions gathered across zoom video conferences to participate in the 2020 IAC International Academic Competitions Online National Competition remotely. During this special period of time, they faced the online competition format for the first time. They did not flinch, prepared for the […]

After three months of “long standby”, this week our last batch of students finally returned to our familiar and beautiful campus and met their teachers and classmates who had not seen one another for a long time. Students did not have to listen to the nagging of their parents anymore. Even with a mask on, you could […]

Spring is blooming and lush green. In this lovely April, we welcome the opening of our school! After such an eventful holiday, we feel moved and grateful. Y10’s classroom of Nantong Stalford International School is sanitized and disinfected entirely to welcome back our students. Taking a look at Y10 large classroom in the new semester, it is in order and neat. The class exercises together showing full […]

The culture of Singapore is base on meritocracy and it is a country which only wants the best to serve as leaders. Therefore, it is a country where people aspire to learn and study hard. Singapore attaches great importance to developing its own people. The education system in Singapore is conducive to the development of each student’s unique talents and […]

April 7 witnessed another batch of classes returning to school, which brought an extraordinary atmosphere of spring into the Stalford campus. In the classrooms, we heard again the melodious sound of reading by the students as well as the gentle and cordial words of the teachers; On the Playground, we could see again the brisk […]

As the resumption of school approaches, Nantong Stalford International School invited some parents representatives to the school last Friday to keep them informed of the school’s prevention and control measures and also gave them an opportunity to make suggestions. Principle Wu first expressed her appreciation to them for their understanding and support of the school’s […]

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