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Outstanding Results in NTSIS based training


In the summer on August 17, at the beginning of the semester, in order to build a team of outstanding teachers and to provide students with ideal education, the summer training work of Nantong Stalford International School has kicked off. At 9:30 in the morning, more than a hundred faculty and staff gathered in the theater with their ideals and enthusiasm for the new semester. Principal Han first held a theme meeting – “Outstanding in the current business and achieving great results – first semester of the 2020-2021 school year work conference “. The meeting reviewed the achievements of our school for five years, objectively analyzed the new challenges and opportunities faced by the school, clearly put forward the tasks and requirements of the new semester work, and encouraged all faculty members to firmly establish a sense of urgency for school development , a sense of mission for self-development and the sense of responsibility to serve students.

Special Lecture on “Running Schools According to Law, Teaching According to Law” .  

In the afternoon of August 18th, Mr. How  gave a special lecture on “Run a school according to law, teach according to law”. At the meeting, Mr. How explained the school’s educational goals, educational philosophy, school vision and the school’s core values to all staff. The whole conference was serious and lively, and Chinese and foreign teachers were very active in participating, interacting and sharing.In the morning of August 19, the school held a teaching work conference. At the meeting, Principal Wu emphasized the impact of the school’s management team on the quality of teaching by focusing on keywords such as “walk in”, “invite in”, “go out”, “pair”, “build a platform”,“load a burden” , etc. The meeting pointed out that the quality of teachers is a key factor in teaching and further clarified the work requirements of all the teachers in the new semester. Then there was a work meeting for the class teachers. At the meeting, Principal Han focused on the day-to-day routine of a class teacher, clarifying goals, specifying tasks, strengthening measures, and implementing responsibilities to the class teachers.

Departmental Seminars   

Nantong Stalford International School is not only a paradise for students’ dreams, but also a palace for teachers to realize their dreams. We always uphold the understanding and respect for teachers, and provide each teacher with a platform for growth and exercise. We benefit and are full of confidence after five days of school-based research and independent practices. The teachers are full of spirit and drive, striving to do well in the new semester and achieving better results!In the afternoon, the school launched a departmental seminar. The teachers of the bilingual department carefully studied the “Curriculum Standards” for the compulsory education stage. The international teachers studied the course syllabuses in groups. The administrative department discussed the start of the school in groups. After the meeting, the faculty and staff all expressed that they must strive to be their best selves and achieve the best school in the new semester.The two days of August 20 and 21 would be independent trainings. The teachers were full of passion and wisdom, formulated teaching plans, prepared the first lesson of school, and carefully arranged classrooms to create the most beautiful learning environment for children.

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