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Nantong Stalford International School held a New School Year Autumn Opening Ceremony


In early autumn, the sun is warm and breezy. Nantong Stalford International School held a grand Opening Ceremony for the Autumn of the new school year in the school theatre. At the beginning of the ceremony, lively dance was shown to welcome our new teachers and students. The start of school was the time when new hopes are released. At the ceremony, teachers, students and staff together activated the “wish tree” with new wishes for the new semester. Before the ceremony, each class, subject and department of our school wrote their expectations and wishes for the new school year on green leaf-shaped pieces of paper and signed by all the students and staff. At the ceremony, representatives of teachers and students from various classes and departments came on stage in batches, expressed their wishes in both Chinese and English, and hung their wish leaves on the “wish tree”. Pieces of green “leaves” made the “wish tree” come alive, which were in line with the desires of all our faculties and staff of our school to let the students grow up healthily. Sincere wishes, warm love, beautiful language and strong affection aroused waves of applauses from our teachers and students…

Principal Han delivered an earnest message for the new semester. He said that the coming of the new semester is a time to release new hopes and look forward to the future. It is also a time to call on himself and his companions to embark on a new journey with a new attitude. He loves to learn, observes rules and disciplines, and grow up through activities. He expresses his ardent expectations for his students. Finally, he hopes that all teachers and students, regardless of nationalities, skin colors, ages and grades have respect, tolerance, unity and friendship, and progress together so that students can grow up happily on the Stalford campus. He also hopes that teachers and staff can be warm and motivated in Stalford to make Nantong Stalford International School better and better. The opening ceremony ended with the beating percussion performance of class Y5, Ji Xiaosha. All teachers, students and staff waved their flags and arms. The sound of music, applause, and cheers resounded throughout the theatre

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