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Our fight against the Covid-19 epidemic has achieved significant result, and Nantong Stalford International School is finally launching its journey in spring. On March 27, the school held a conference on the reopening of campus. Principle Wu Hepinginformed the staff on the requirements of prevention and control and spelt out the arrangements for teaching and learning. She pointed out that: · Firstly, we should continue to do […]

学预备检查。这也让我们更加相信离学校重新开学的日子越来越近了。 学校已经花了相当长的时间准备开学各项方案,除了学生返校前的准备工作,还需要确保学生返校后在校园内的健康安全。希望学校的开学准备方案能够让关注学校工作的各方放心,也希望这场疫情能够尽快结束,并成为我们每个人一生中唯一一次的经历。 Swipe Left for English➡   According to the notice from Jiangsu province, Nantong Stalford International School is actively responding to the relevant departments for the school’s preparatory inspection. This also makes us believe that the day of school reopening is getting closer and closer. Naturally we have been working on the comprehensive document for some […]

In this beautiful season of spring, we are delighted that the reopening of school campus is finally around the corner. In order to create a safe and comfortable learning environment for students, the school has made special arrangement to get all the classrooms thoroughly cleaned and decorated the learning environment. The decorations of the kindergarten is novel […]

On  the morning of March 27, Shen Hongxing, Director of Nantong Development Zone Administrative Committee, Liu Feng, Deputy Director of NTDZAC and Shao Ping, Director of Development Zone Social Affairs Bureau, visited Nantong Stalford International School to inspect the work of school resumption. During the epidemic prevention and control period of this spring, ensuring the […]

The IB course is arguably one of the most popular international education courses today, and many international schools offer IB courses. According to the official website of IB, Nantong Stalford International School is currently the only authorized IB world school in Nantong. From the very beginning, PYP proposed that each student has a IB Learner […]

Special holidays, special experiences. In their first winter holiday in primary school, the children of class Y1A at Nantong Stalford international school experienced an alternative way of learning even though they cannot go to school! Look, the look of earnest learning make the most lovely scene! In addition to study, we have many interests, there […]

Covid-19 Outbreak in the beginning of 2020 has caused the Year 2 students of Nantong Stalford International School to give up their usual holiday travelling. Nonetheless, they managed to spend a quiet yet meaningful holiday with their families. Love can be expressed through art. So children expressed their well-wishes for Wuhan and China through their […]

Under the circumstances of the epidemic outbreak  and the closure of schools, Nantong Stalford International School has been meticulously organizing high-quality online teaching, while rigorously implementing various prevention and control measures.The school has set up a special “prevention and control leading panel” headed by the principal, defining the responsibilities of various departments and formulating a […]

No one would have thought that we would start the year 2020 in such a special way but the American writer Anne Bradstreet once said, “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” With the spring blooming, […]

The winter of 2020 was still cold, but this Spring Festival was different. The appearance of the new coronavirus made people panic. Some people had to leave their warm homes to go to the frontline for support. On the frontlines of the fight against the epidemic, the health care workers and volunteers risked their lives […]

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