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Haikus from Year 2


Haiku, a form of short poetry, is a literary device which is used for language training as well as creative expression. During their online lessons, the Year 2 students from Nantong Stalford International School honed their English skills and shared their unique observations of the world around them with a series of Haikus accompanied by illustrations.

These Year 2 Haikus are as diverse as the personalities of our students, and serve as a refreshing reminder during this trying time on how vibrant and wondrous the world is when viewed through the lens of a child.

Their English teacher, Ms Kong, commented:

“Despite having lessons online, students from NTSIS Bilingual Year 2 approach learning of the English Language with due diligence. They have crafted, with what was taught in Language Arts,  these delightful, brief expression of their emotions and observations of the world in and around them.”

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