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Enrolment Open for August 2020!


Welcome! We are delighted that you are considering Nantong Stalford International School. The admission process at Nantong Stalford is all about finding the best fit for each student. We hope you will explore our newsletter to learn more about our program and community and we invite you to contact us! Our Admission Officers are experts in the international school admission processes and they work closely with each family. You’ll have the opportunity to tour our campus, meet with admission representatives, learn about our school day and talk with teachers and administrators.

Four Steps to enrol Nantong Stalford

1. Join our VIP personalized session

Contact us at 4008-4008-63 to arrange for a VIP personalized informative session

2. Submit Application Documents

Grades : Kindergarten & Grade 1 – Grade 12

3. Talk with Principals and Teachers

Our school will schedule family meeting after submission of the application. 

Results will be announced by email. 

4. Offer and Payment

Offer: Parents will be notified by email.  Parents will receive an invoice along with the Offer. If the applicants fail to pay within the 10-day period, their place at the school will be withdrawn. Students who are not accepted at this point of time may be placed on the waiting list.

After the above four steps, preparation for the 2020-2021 academic year will start. School will offer Welcome Package for all students before school starts. The Welcome Package contains student handbook, academic calendar, school bus timetable, etc. 

If you have any questions, please contact our school. We look forward to introducing you to Nantong Stalford!

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