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How to manage students’ success from a psychological perspective   

A good school is inseparable from a team of high-quality teachers. In order to promote teachers to improve their overall quality and lead their professional development and growth, the school invited experts from the local education industry to give lectures during the summer training period. At two o’clock in the afternoon on August 17, the psychology lecture kicked off in eager anticipation. Teacher Fu Xiaobin, a mental health education expert from the Academy of Educational Sciences, talked about “How to manage students’ success from a psychological perspective ” and combined real cases in the practice of psychological counseling and mental health education. He shared how to capture the hearts of the students, work according to the students’ psychological conditions, ideas and strategies and care for the students’mental health. Teacher Fu’s talk was in-depth and simple to explain, inspired new ideas, triggered new thinking, and inspired all faculty and staff to start from the psychological level by doing a good job in student guidance and management.

Use “sesame” to open the door of teaching wisdom  

In the morning of August 18, the school invited Feng Weidong, director of the Academy of Educational Sciences. Director Feng has come to Stalford many times to share his educational experiences with teachers. In the morning, Director Feng shared with the teachers his theme of “Opening the Gate of Teaching Wisdom with “Sesame” to the teachers and “Quality thinking and practice.” He inspired teachers in the venue to discuss, exchange and refine educational concepts in groups. Director Feng kindly and smartly taught the teachers at present about a broad, deep and dynamic class. The teachers also thanked Mr. Feng for his wonderful talk with warm applause.The sharing of the two experts explain profound theories in simple terms. They are both theoretical and practical. They help teachers to broaden their horizons, change their ideas, improve their understanding, and clarify the direction of their efforts. Everyone said that they must learn from these two professional experts, work diligently and strive to improve the standard and quality of education and teaching. They want to strive to pursue and realize their own values in life. Everyone wants to be a happy teacher and live a complete educational life.

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