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One of the Nantong Stlaford’s core values is Lifelong Learning. We instill in our students the belief that lifelong learning is the key factor in success. With the mission, Singapore Stalford Education Group has exclusively introduced Inquiry course to students in Nantong. Inquiry program was founded by outstanding professors of the Nanyang Technology University. The cooperative graduates include Singapore’s prestigious Education Group Principal, Ruby Teo.

What is Inquiry class?

Inquiry class is a unique combination of STEAM course, IB and intensive Singapore English and Science curriculum. It adopts an investigative approach to teaching and learning where students are provided with opportunities to investigate a problem, search for possible solutions, make observations, ask questions, test out ideas, and think creatively and use their intuition. In this sense, it involves students having opportunities for series of experiments and creative activities and thus to explore interests, explore talents, cultivate the ability to think independently, and build awareness of the world. After all, inquiry class curriculum is designed to enable students to develop their creativity and curiosity by solving problems and learning knowledge in many different fields.

How does inquiry curriculum help students?

Critical Thinking Skills

Inquiry class challenges students’ thinking by engaging them in investigating questions. In short, it requires students the use of information, evidence, logic, and imagination in developing explanations about the world.

Creativity & Problem Solving Skills

Inquiry course excite the students’ interest in a topic which spurs their curiosity and creativity, and then provide them with opportunities to undertake the investigation by themselves and in collaboration with others to solve the problem and dilemma.

Communication skills & Teamwork

Cooperative learning is a key factor in inquiry class. Students work together to investigate a problem and learn to communicate and justify their decision, which successfully promote student engagement, socialization, and learning in the classroom.

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